In addition to providing emergency medical services to the Borough of Fort Lee, NJ and surrounding areas, the Fort Lee Volunteer Ambulance Corps proactively administers and coordinates certain programs to promote the safety, health, and well-being of the community. These programs and events help to improve the quality of life of the residents of Fort Lee, NJ.



First Aid Training

The AHA has estimated that 90 percent of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) victims would die. The chance of survival, however, improves two to three fold when undelayed CPR intervention is delivered. The Fort Lee Volunteer Ambulance Corps offers FREE Heartsaver® CPR AED Courses to our residents. Seats are limited and offered on a first come, first served basis.


Blood Drive

Each year, the Fort Lee Volunteer Ambulance Corps hosts the semi-annual Emergency Services Blood Drive with assistance from the Fort Lee Police Department and the Fort Lee Volunteer Fire Department. A reliable supply of healthy blood can be the difference between life and death for patients in need of blood transfusion. The Emergency Services Blood Drive assists in providing the life-saving blood that hospitals and patients need while providing a great opportunity for people to get involved with the community.


Event Coverage

The Borough of Fort Lee, NJ hosts several large events each year, including festivals, carnivals, marathons, and bicycle races. Traffic and the risk of injury or illness is often increased at these events, requiring greater response capabilities from emergency services. In coordination with other agencies, the Fort Lee Volunteer Ambulance Corps works to provide medical coverage at these events by stationing additional units at strategic points to ensure timely response to emergencies.


File of Life

The File of Life program was adopted and implemented to provide residents with a simple method of keeping important medical and emergency information readily available in the event of an emergency. Kits are always available, free of charge, to all Fort Lee residents. Kits should not be shared, and should only contain information for one person. Therefore, please let us know if you require more than one. Any resident wishing to obtain a File of Life kit should complete this form.


Medical Equipment Rental

Medical Equipment is collected and redistributed to those in need, and free of charge. If you require an item, please let us know!

Available Inventory: Crutches, Canes, Commodes, Crutches, Walkers, Wheelchairs


Observer Program

This program was established to provide the public and students an opportunity to better understand the duties of an EMT. Observers are assigned to crews for the opportunity to shadow real emergency calls. Observers are assigned to crews with senior members capable of sharing seasoned knowledge and insight. The program is selective for individuals with legitimate civic or educational reasons.


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